Working from home with kids can be increasing challenging. Changes due to COVID-19 find many homebound working parents and their children facing many challenges that one could not have imagined a few years ago.

Meeting the job responsibilities with your kids underfoot can certainly complicate one’s work day. The solutions may not be easy, but they are some doable  solutions that can be implemented with patience and practice.

First, be prepared. If your kids are young, you’ve probably learned to expect the unexpected, such as frequent interruptions and unruly behavior in the middle of a work deadline.

Plan for extra time needed each day to deal with and sidetracking setbacks have snacks and distraction activities on-hand.

Schedule regular playtime breaks during the workday with your kids. Maybe consider an occasional babysitter during crunch times.

Set boundaries. Designate a specific area for your home office, ideally a spare room with a door or a screen. To reduce the interruptions, such as during conference calls with your coworkers, establish procedures with kids. Example: When you are on the phone, instruct your kids to retreat until you hang up.

Train you kids. Assuming they’re old enough to keep themselves occupied, explain the situation and that you’ll need to remain focused throughout the day with minimal interruptions. Communicate to them that they are a part of the home team and their role is to help you stay productive.

Given time you can figure it out and as you and your children adapt and move forward you can create workable practices.


Kelli Louden, LCSW