Carmecia McKnight

Carmecia McKnight, LCSW

Are you struggling with current and past life stressors, maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships, or feeling unfulfilled? Wellness is inclusive of the mind body and spirit. Life and the many hats that we wear challenge our wellness. It can be difficult to navigate life without knowing how to properly identify what you are experiencing and feeling. Maybe it has been difficult for you to co-exist with others within your relationships, perhaps you are feeling “stuck” in life and don’t know how to get yourself back on kilter. I work with children, adults, couples, and families to help bring into awareness traumas, feelings, and thoughts by acknowledging the influence of varying relationships and components in your life.

I hope to foster a therapeutic relationship with my clients in a space where they can be free to feel, free to express, and free to be themselves. Change IS difficult, but I believe it is necessary for growth and development. As a therapist, I believe this is attainable through the various interventions and approaches used to help empower you, recognize your strengths by releasing yourself from people/things that do not serve you, and create a life of fulfillment.

I have over 12 years of experience working in multiple settings (inpatient, geriatric psych, high school) serving an array of populations. I work with adults, adolescents, couples, and families. I hold a BA in Rehabilitation Services, a Master’s Degree in Social Work and I am fully licensed.

I approach therapy using a holistic approach that includes the mind, body, and spirit with a strong emphasis on understanding cultural, environmental, and social/emotional components that make you who you are. Working together we can help you find your voice and liberation on this journey of wholeness and wellness.