Individual Therapy

In individual  therapy, a client meets with one of our therapists one-on-one. A collaborative, therapeutic relationship is established to address your concerns. Sometimes therapy lasts for a few sessions, other times therapy requires a longer period of time, depending on your needs. Although talking to a therapist for the first time can feel awkward or embarrassing, our therapist’s goal is to help you feel comfortable and understood. 

Clients come to the therapy for a wide range of reasons, hoping to feel and function better. Common issues include: general anxiety and stress, difficult childhood and family experiences (past and present), relationship struggles, depression, homesickness, and transition issues. Clients also come to the therapy to work toward developing a better self-image, to explore ideas such as “What’s my purpose?” or “Why am I here?”, or to achieve personal growth. The approach to such treatment varies from person-to-person, but may for some include a good deal of initial work involving the client’s past experiences, and for others may emphasize current experiences. We provide a strength-based, compassionate and supportive environment for clients to pursue this form of self-exploration.