All About Us

The Anxiety and Stress Center, founded by Holly Houston, Ph.D., has helped thousands of people change their lives for the better, relieving stress, decreasing anxiety, depression and learning to work through trauma, addictions and handle relationships more effectively.

Experts in the field

The Center’s therapists are all licensed experts in their fields. A variety of therapy modalities are offered including individual, couples, family and group counseling.

Convenience you can count on

The Center offers counseling during regular business hours as well as early evenings and some mornings. Saturday and lunchtime appointments are also available.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to help all who seek to better their lives by understanding the causes of their distress and working to relieve their problems.  All of our therapists are generalists and see people presenting with a variety of issues.  In addition, our providers is ethnically and culturally diverse.  All of our providers possess clinical experience and expertise in working with diverse populations.

Below is a list of our therapists containing information about education, clinical specialties, affiliations, and office locations.

Our qualified therapists include:

Holly Houston, PhD, Director

Lauren White-Johnson, LCPC

Jazzmin Villanueva, Psy.D.

Danielle Kowach, LCSW

Ellen Spiese, LMFT

Kelli Louden, LCSW

Bill Knor, LCPC

Rachel Narow, LCSW

Ann Hogan, LCPC

Katie Karner, LCPC

Lauren Koby, PsyD

Peter Lucas, LCPC

Rachel Sahtout, LCSW

Timara Betts, LCSW

Vashonte James, PdyD

Carmecia McKinght, LCSW

Tamara Alshoweat, LSW