How Do I Know If I Need Therapy?

Therapy can benefit you in so many ways. Taking the time to explore your thoughts and feelings with a trained professional can help you to find the path to improve your life, relationships and overall quality of your daily life.

Take this short test to see if you would benefit from our psycho therapy services – answer True or False to the following:

_____ I am satisfied with my life in general.
_____ I am satisfied with my relationship with my spouse or partner.
_____ I am satisfied with my job.
_____ I am satisfied with my relationships with my children.
_____ I am satisfied with my relationships with my friends.
_____ I am satisfied with my relationships with my family.
_____ I wake up feeling optimistic about the day.
_____ I am able to stay focused when at work, school or home.
_____ I feel hopeful throughout the day.
_____ I am interested in the things I have enjoyed and am active in sports or hobbies.
_____ I sleep fine at night.
_____ I have a normal appetite.
_____ I never use drugs or alcohol to feel better when I am sad or upset.
_____ I never take pills to relax me, when I feel sad or upset.
_____ I have not thought about ending my life recently.
_____ I have never tried to end my life in the past.
_____ I rarely get mood swings.
_____ I rarely think about the same thing over and over again.
_____ I am generally a happy person.
_____ I feel happy on most days.
_____ I have either lost or gained a lot of weight recently without trying.
_____ I am easily agitated or grumpy.
_____ I have energy and rarely feel tired.

If you answered False to more than six questions, you could benefit from our psycho therapy services.