Ways to Handle Stress
We all experience stress from time to time whether it is from our jobs or just things that are going on in our daily lives. Stress is a state of mental tension that causes a person to worry that can lead to the development of anxiety. Unfortunately, some people are not able to handle stress. When stress is not handled appropriately, it usually leads to very severe symptoms that interfere with your life. These symptoms can become so debilitating that you may have to seek professional help to manage it. I am usually able to relieve my stress by doing various things that I enjoy. Here are some of my stress relievers:
1.      MeditationThis is an excellent way to clear your mind of all the stressful things you are experiencing as well as thinking about.
2.      Watching Television I enjoy watching anything that will make me laugh or force me to think.
3.      Listening to Music When I am having a bad day or feeling stressed out, I usually listen to music from my favorite artists, such as Mariah Carey and Minnie Riperton.
4.      Talking to a Friend This is definitely a quick reliever of stress! Just make sure you talk to a friend that is willing to listen and not judge.
5.      Working Out/Exercising Although I have not been in a gym in months, I do find this very helpful. I recommend exercising regularly, which reduces stress tremendously.
6.      Taking a Drive I have found this one very useful over the years. I would usually drive around in the car listening to music alone or with a friend.

Vashonte James, LCSW