We don’t often recognize the fear that dictates how we think and respond when faced with obstacles or challenges.  Fear often blocks our decision-making and paralyzes individuals into a state of in-action. This increases anxiety because you often feel a sense of hopelessness about your problems.

Living with anxiety driven fears can show up in a myriad of ways.  Note these examples: Parents may fear angering their children when they suspect the child may be in danger by avoiding a confrontation. A great new opportunity presents itself but it would cause a dramatic change in your routine. You frequent the same places for clothes, food, entertainment. Your anxiety takes over. You fall into a rut and your fear tells you that everything should stay the same. Fear can keep you locked in a depressive state that increases your anxiety and stress level.

One way to move through this state and decrease your anxiety is to list the pros and cons of facing your fears. When you write things down you are moving through this state on two sensory levels. Your mind is engaged in the exercise and you are taking the time to weigh the cost of remaining inactive in controlling your fears. Take the time today to work toward eliminating fears and anxiety from your life.

Live in Peace not in Pieces “Iyanla Vanzant”

submitted by Lauren F. White-Johnson, LCPC