Obsessive-compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a complex anxiety disorder, characterized by obsessions that are unwanted and persistent thoughts, and compulsions that are behaviors aimed at relieving distress. Some common subtypes are contamination, symmetry, perfectionism, and intrusive violent thoughts.

Contamination: A common obsession is fear of dirt, germs, and contracting a disease. A
common compulsion or way to relieve anxiety around this thought would be excessive hand washing and showering.

Uncertainty: A common obsession is a fear of unintentionally harming others for not being careful or being responsible for something bad that happened, and losing things if not in exact order. A common compulsion used to gain relief from these beliefs would be having rigid organizational rules.

Perfectionism: A common obsession is a fear of making mistakes and a common compulsion would be rigid rule-following and having urges to touch or tap items around them. Intrusive violent thoughts: A common obsession would be a fear of harming a family member or animal. And a common compulsion would be to neutralize this thought by avoiding “potential victims.” or one may use mental rituals such as reciting words or numbers to relieve
involuntary thoughts.

More information is available at the link provided. If you think you or someone you know has OCD or OCD-like behaviors, contact a qualified mental health professional that can provide consultation.

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Danielle Kowack, LCSW