As we know anxiety can be burdensome and quite draining. The symptoms often leave you feeling overwhelmed and powerless, which has you believing that there is no relief from its control. Well guess what? There is relief and a way to gain control of your life. The first step to regaining control of your life is to seek professional help. A mental health professional can provide you with some tools that will help you cope with your symptoms. Also, they will help to restore balance in your life by identifying the negative reoccurring thoughts that is causing you to behave in a way that is interfering in your daily life. Don’t forget to also make an appointment with your physician or a psychiatrist. Medication may be prescribed to reduce your symptoms of anxiety. You can also make some dietary and lifestyle changes to help alleviate the symptoms. Reduce consumption of products that contain caffeine, such as tea, coffee, cola, chocolate and energy drinks. If you follow these steps, you are on your way to living a worry free life!
Submitted by:

Vashonte James, MSW, LCSW