Stress can result from many different factors.  Many people fail to realize and understand some of the most common sources.  One of the greatest factors which cause stress is Change.  Change can come in many shapes and forms.  However, the most stressful of all changes are the most significant ones.  These include change of residence, change of occupation or employment, and change of relationship status.  It is necessary to prepare yourself in preparation and through the process of making these major life changes. There are many different methods in which the goal of reducing stress can be accomplished.  The most important thing is to acknowledge the change and the accompanying stress. By recognizing and acknowledging the increase in stress will signal you take the necessary steps of reducing the impending stress. Another important thing is to call on the elements in your experience that have been effective in reducing stress in the past.  Stress is an unavoidable part of life.  It is important to be able to recognize and prepare for these eventualities.  

Peter C. Lucas LCPC.