I believe we were all given a purpose, which was assigned to us at birth. I believe some people were meant to do great things while others were chosen to make this world interesting. I do believe in good and bad as I believe there is a heaven and hell. Also, I believe in balance, which is evident in the world today. We cannot have one with the other.

Most of my actions were governed by the Bible, but as I have grown older, it has changed tremendously. In order to stay connected to the world, I had to change my personal ethos due to the world constantly changing. I had to allow myself to open up to a world that differs from my own beliefs. I had to be understanding of others’ perceptions and realize that I do not exist in this world alone. I had to put aside what was taught to me while growing up in the home with my parents and siblings and find my own blueprint of life. Although I have not eliminated everything I was raised with over the years, I have managed to sift through what I believed to be part of who I am and how it can be used to make me a better person.

Over the years, I have found myself building deeper connections with others based on their values, beliefs and experiences. I have more respect for those who appreciate diversity and individualism; this stems from my upbringing. I was instilled with many values and morals from my mother that seemed to be a generational trait. I was taught to love everyone regardless of race, religious belief, physical appearance, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status. Humility is also a big part of who I am. I believe that as long as you remain humble, you will be granted with many blessings. I truly believe that if we allow ourselves to love, care and be empathetic towards others, we can build a stronger humanity and decrease the divide that is currently occurring worldwide.