Almost everyone has intrusive thoughts.  These thoughts become a problem when they interfere with your daily functioning.  Intrusive thoughts are thoughts that jump into your mind without being summoned or called upon in any way. Most of the time these thoughts are fleeting and only last a few moments.  However, when these thoughts become recurring and uncontrollable this is a horse of a different color.  Most people don’t mention them because some of them are bizarre and even sometimes repugnant in nature.

These intrusive thoughts should not be confused with some of the natural voices that we have in our minds.  These are the voices of the id, the ego or the superego. sometimes they tell us things are ok.  Sometimes they stand guard and prevent us from making mistakes that could change our lives forever.

These voices when functional are an integral part of our lives. We must listen to them at different times in our lives and ignore them at other times,