Now that 2022 has ended, it is time to make some changes in my life. I plan to eat healthier, lose weight and spend more time reading instead of watching television. In order for these changes to take place, I need to stay motivated and think about the benefits. I do not think of this as being a “New Year’s Resolution.” Instead, I see this is as being a lifestyle change. I have to keep in mind that these changes will not happen overnight, therefore, I am approaching this lifestyle change with realistic expectations. I will not be hard on myself if I do not reach my goal for the week. I will keep going until the goal is reached even if it occurs the following week.

The main goal for me is to live longer. Additionally, this new lifestyle will improve my mental health. Although I work professionally as a mental health provider, I still recognize that we have to practice what we preach to our patients. I often encourage my patients to find the balance in their lives. We have to focus on ourselves in order to progress to the next level. I know this lifestyle change will make me a better person. As I am preparing for this journey, I feel good and optimistic. If you feel this is your year, then please join me. We can do this together!

Vashonte James, PsyD, LCSW