As a result of the pandemic hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost. Many of us have experienced personal loss firsthand. In addition, many of us have experienced multiple losses. This discussion attempts to address some of complications and issues that arise as a result of a loss of a loved one.


  • In this writer’s experience of loss one of the most angering things is the fact that the world continues to move forward. This happens in spite of the fact that this person who was a significantly important part of my life has been lost. Some of the factors that I have found to be helpful to those who are in the early stages of loss are as follows.
  • The recognition of the fact that we are but a small cog in the wheel of life. In this recognition we are able to accept the fact that life indeed does go on.
    Another technique that can prove useful is the appreciation of life itself. Life is something to cherish and of great value. This attitude is demonstrated in popular sayings such as “don’t take life for granted”, “you only live once (YOLO)”, and “life is precious” among others.
  • Another common thought after a personal loss is the thought of how “Unfair” it seems.  One of the helpful concepts is to address the impermanence of our existence here on earth.  In addition redirection is helpful. We must recognize and try to appreciate the precious time that we were able to spend with our loved ones.
  • Selfcare is another important strategy that allows us to better deal with our loss.  It is crucial that we take time to attend to our needs.  What are the things that brought us joy prior to this point in our life.  Many of us confuse selfishness with selfcare these are two significantly different things. Do not omit selfcare during this period of loss it is more important at this time than any other

One of the most important things to remember is the fact that no person is an island. We all need help from others especially in times of loss. It is crucial that we reach out for support during these times. This help can be from family members, friends, or even professionals. The key is to seek help in order to emerge from this trauma without permanent damage.