Happiness. Everybody wants it, many seek it, few find it. What will make you happy? A better job?  More money? Less arguing with your spouse? The approval of others?  A bigger house? Maybe all of these things would make you happy, but it’s more likely that none of these things will foster true happiness.  Once we reach that next step or achieve the next goal we bask in the glory of it for a while and then it’s onto the next thing. We’ve managed to convince ourselves that we won’t be truly happy until we get that next great thing.
Explorers searched for the Fountain of Youth for years vying for a way to preserve their lives and vitality. Ironically, while they searched for a way to prolong life, they missed living. Happiness is the same way. While we are searching for some way to feel happier, we are missing our opportunity to be happy right now.
Happiness comes from within. We already have what is necessary to be happy right now. We have to learn how to take what we already have and create our happiness from that using gratitude and positivity. Think about what makes you feel good. Is it your family, helping others, having time for yourself, feeling confident? How can your present situation work toward strengthening what makes you feel good? For example, maybe your finances are stretched thin, but this has allowed you to become creative in doing fun activities with your family. You play baseball or basketball together on a neighborhood court or field rather than spending excessive amounts of money on organized sports for your children to spend more time playing without you.

Happiness is about perspective. If you don’t open your eyes, you’ll miss it. Stop searching for something that is already inside of you. 

Kelly Renzi, PsyD
Clinical Psychologist