Recently the television news show Nightline (Season 44, Episode 88, May 3rd, 2023), featured parents of teenagers who died by suicide because their children were unable to manage the suffering experienced by being bullied.

The Center for Disease Control has current research lists bullying as a form of violence. It’s listed in the same category as being threatened by a weapon. Two published research articles described the current experiences faced by America’s children.

Adolescents Are Experiencing Violence, Sadness, and Suicide Risk| CDC

Youth Risk Behavior Survey Data Summary & Trends Report: 2011-2021 (

Here are to major facts about suicide:

  1. Second leading cause of death for individuals ages 10 – 14
  2. Serious public health problem

Here are a few ways to work toward prevention:

  1. Teach coping and problem-solving skills to youth.
  2. Promote healthy peer norms.
  3. Support resilience through educational programs.
  4. Engage community members in shared activities.
  5. Provide therapeutic approaches and support.
  6. Respond to crises and report support messages.