One of life’s most challenging tasks is dealing with the death of a loved one. Whether the loss is a sudden event or one that is anticipated for some time, the feelings of sadness and grief can be overwhelming. There is no one right way to grieve nor is there a specific time frame within which grieving should conclude. However, it is important to allow grieving to occur in order to heal, integrate the loss and live fully. In order for successful grieving to occur, one must experience the sadness and loss and work toward acceptance. The stages of grief, which are outlined in the following website , are helpful in explaining what the grief experience is likely to entail. Here are other helpful techniques to promote a healthy grieving process. 1. Talk about your thoughts and feelings with others; it helps to get them out. 2. Share memories and mementos of your loved one and celebrate your loved one’s life. 3. Refer to books written by professionals and reputable websites for information on grief. 4. Let go of your loved one’s belongings gradually, over time. 5. Go to a grief support group. 6. Stay connected to friends. 7. Partake in hobbies and projects. Holly Houston, PH.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist