Today’s couples are enduring a great deal of stress in relationships due to increased togetherness.  It’s more than a year-and-a half later and the pandemic continues to challenge our connections to others. Here are a few recommendations that couples can use to create a more harmonious connection during the pandemic.

  1. Build some alone time into your weekly or monthly schedule.  Rest does not have to be earned.
  2. Normalize having conversations about your boundaries and needs as a way to keep the relationship healthy.
  3. Embrace each other’s differences.  It demonstrates a respect for each partners self-worth.
  4. Practicing active non-judgmental listening before speaking is the key to effective communication.
  5. Be kind.  A nice word goes a long way.
  6. Create opportunities for intimacy and playfulness in the relationship where you are experiencing pleasure and joy.
  7. Be honest about your needs.

By practicing emotional self-awareness and adapting some or all of these recommendations, couples increase self-care.  When couples experience unhealthy emotions they often impact their perception of fairness and perceived injustices, resulting in discord.  However, the ability to apply an appropriate strategy to help reduce and manage stress in the relationship creates an opportunity for a successful partnership.

Lauren White, LCPC., clinical psychotherapist