Pamela Williams, LCPC

Pamela Williams prepared herself to work in the professional counseling field by recognizing the value of academic achievements. She received her education, training, guidance and a wealth of experience from a well-respected institution of higher learning. She continues to enhance her knowledge by attending workshops, trainings, and seminars, which broaden her clinical perspective and assist her in meeting the needs of the clientele she serves.

Pamela Williams is sensitive to the constant changes families, individuals and their environments frequently endure, such as: divorce, grief and loss, financial hardships, family conflicts, community violence, adolescent transitioning, families relocating and families with loved ones incarcerated, addicted or ill. Therefore, she frequently attends professional enhancement trainings to review, practice and learn new techniques and strategies. In her on-going efforts for professional development,

Ms. Williams remains focused on providing her clients with the most effective interventions for improvement. Ms. Williams has a wealth of clinical experience. She has worked with a variety of populations during her career, including adults, adolescents, children, elderly, criminal justice, students, churches, and nursing homes. Additionally, she has gained knowledge working in residential drug treatment facilities, psychiatric outpatient agencies, and departments of corrections. Ms. Williams utilizes an evidenced based intervention called “Seeking Safety” while working with women who struggle with legal entanglements within the Cook County jail. She has provided psychotherapy to adults who reside at nursing homes. Additionally, she worked with teenagers with anger management issues, substance abuse problems and low self-esteem at a residential treatment program.

Therapeutic sessions with Ms. Williams are individually developed to assist clients by using the best practices, evidence based approaches, and solution focused therapies. She works with individuals, couples and/or families across the age span. Ms. Williams uses a collaborative, Cognitive-Behavioral, Insight Oriented, Problem-Solving approach to therapy. Her warm, receptive and compassionate style allows her to create a safe atmosphere for openness and growth.