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Welcome To Anxiety Stress Center, P.C.

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The Center’s therapists are all licensed experts in their fields who offer both individual and group counseling.

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The Center offers counseling during regular business hours as well as early evenings and some mornings. Saturday and lunchtime appointments are also available.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to help all who seek to better their lives by understanding the causes of their stress, anxiety or trauma and working to relieve their problems.

Who We Are

What We Do

We Can Help

The staff of the Anxiety and Stress Center includes licensed psychologists and licensed therapists.  All of our staff are specialized in the treatment of anxiety, stress, depression and a variety of other problems in living.  In addition, our staff is ethnically and culturally diverse.  All of our staff members possess clinical expertise in working with ethnically, culturally, religious/spiritual and sexual/gender diverse populations.

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