Kelly Renzi, Psy. D.

Dr. Renzi holds knowledge and education to a very high regard and believes that learning is a life-long journey. She received training, education, and guidance from highly respected, nationally recognized institutions. She attends trainings, seminars, and consortiums to strengthen and expand her clinical expertise in order to better serve her clients.

Dr. Renzi keeps up-to-date with current scientific journals and clinical research findings. Information learned from these publications, as well as the knowledge gained from seminars and conferences, is incorporated into Dr. Renzi’s clinical practices. However, her therapeutic practices also incorporate personal and professional experiences which can be valuable learning tools for clients.

Dr. Renzi has a wide variety of clinical experience ranging from clinical work with young children to the aged. She has worked with children involved in foster care, survivors of trauma, those experiencing relationship problems, individuals struggling with disabilities, and issues related to aging. She has helped clients with mild anxiety and depressive disorders to individuals with severe and chronic mental illness.

Dr. Renzi also has worked in elementary schools providing counseling for students as well as consultation for faculty regarding behavior management techniques. She has utilized her professional experience and knowledge to guide and train graduate students in both masters and doctorate level programs. Dr. Renzi provides clinical services to individuals at various stages in life using a therapeutic approach which suits each particular individual. Dr. Renzi utilizes play therapy techniques when treating children to create an environment that is inviting, safe, and supportive. Cognitive behavioral therapy and integrative therapy are used by Dr. Renzi to allow adolescents and adults to explore, understand, challenge, and change their thoughts and behavior to improve mood and overall functioning. Dr. Renzi works diligently to create a warm and compassionate environment which allows for deeper exploration of psychological distress and ultimately work toward recovery.